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Welcome to FX-Advanced

FX-Advanced is the over-arching term encompassing ESRL/GSD's information system (weather workstation) activities. While the focus of this work is WFO-Advanced/AWIPS, other efforts include FX-Collaborate, a Java system for forecaster collaboration; AWIPS extensions using our Advanced Linux Prototype System (ALPS) platform; and Range Standardization and Automation (RSA - Air Force).

WFO-Advanced is the realization of FX-Advanced that is tailored for use at a NWS Weather Forecast Office, and it constitutes the bulk of the forecaster component of the National Weather Service's Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System, version 1 (AWIPS I). We provide some assistance with field support of AWIPS Build OB9 (Operational Build 9), but most of our work is turned toward testing of and exploratory work with AWIPS II, currently in development for NWS by Raytheon.


  • Introduction to WFO-Advanced (last updated 18 Sep 08).
  • A rather detailed overview of WFO-Advanced. Although this was written in 1997, it still describes the bulk of FSL's* contribution to AWIPS I.
  • A collection of publications related to WFO-Advanced.


  • Configuration information for WFO-A systems. This lists the GSD data servers and their associated text and graphics workstations, including information on software version and installation date.



  • All NWS offices are now running AWIPS II, most on OB15.1.1 or OB15.1.2. OB16.1.1 is in beta, currently scheduled through 18 Dec.
    GSD's contributions to AWIPS I are documented in a set of release notes.

Click here to see what's available in the fxa Web tree.

ISB intranet calendar

* Until 10/05, ESRL/GSD was known as the Forecast Systems Laboratory.

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