Advanced Linux Prototype System

What is ALPS?

The objective of ALPS is to help the NWS accelerate the transition to an all-linux AWIPS system architecture and also to address some of the anticipated near-term AWIPS system challenges.


The initial October 2004 target was for an integrated AWIPS system based on Operational Build 5 (OB5), with all currently remaining HP-based tasks ported to Linux. This system was demonstrated to the NWS Corporate Board during their Boulder meeting on 9 Nov. The second goal was for April 2005, to include rewriting some of the core components. These goals are outlined in the draft ALPS Requirements Document.

Development Plan

Initially, the project was funded by FSL and NWS for a period of two years, roughly April 2004 through March 2006. Additional funding has been secured to continue the work into FY07. The primary activities break down into three areas of development: creation of a new API to support manual graphic generation, a distributed data paradigm, and full Linux integration. GSD has purchased and installed a complete complement of the Linux hardware to support evaluation of the AWIPS system. Additional detail on the work to be performed is contained in a draft version of the ALPS plan and the ALPS Display Software Architecture description.

Project Organization

ALPS is managed as a matrix structure within GSD, drawing personnel from various projects in the Information Systems Branch.

Project Management
Carl Bullock

Technical Management
Herb Grote


Linux System Integration
Darien Davis
Distributed Data Management
Darien Davis
Advanced API
Herb Grote
Engineering Support
Joe Wakefield
Joanne Edwards
Tom Kent
MarySue Schultz
Jim Ramer
Tom Kent
MarySue Schultz
Joanne Edwards
Mark Mathewson
Mike Romberg
Chris Golden
Jim Ramer
Xiangbao Jing
Susan Williams
Jim Fluke
Michael Vrencur

Prepared by Joe Wakefield;
last update 1 May 06.