GSD's AWIPS II Information Page

On this page, we have collected some information on AWIPS II, a key part of the NWS AWIPS Evolution project. There are several documents here which provide overviews of the various task orders (TOs), comparison information between the current AWIPS and AWIPS II, some how-to documents, and training material. You might also find Jason Tuell's September 2007 AWIPS Evolution NWS Vision presentation (.ppt) of interest.

1. Development overview and early Task Orders

This overview includes the Software Continuous Refresh (SWCTR) Product Improvement Plan, and outlines of Task Orders 4, 5, and 6, which include the AWIPS Development Environments (ADE) 0.1, 0.2, and 1.0, respectively. Later releases (TO8, TO9) are presented below.

Task Order 7 featured development of a plan for the remaining work, to culminate in a functioning field release. In mid-2007, Raytheon produced a CSCI matrix, which shows features slated for each remaining TO, 8 - 11.

2. Task Order 8 (TO8)

The TO8 system was released 7 February 2008. The NWS began testing a pre-Delivery copy the week of 14 Jan. The development organizations involved in the IVandV received a copy before the 14 Feb TO8 training. Some documents of interest are:

For TO8, GSD generated IV&V test cases, which NWS incorporated with other development organizations' cases into a test plan (.doc).

Draft IVandV test results for TO8 have been issued by NWS (21 Aug 08; .doc).

3. Task Order 9 (TO9)

TO9, featuring the initial implementation of GFE, was released on 4 Sep 08. Read Raytheon's TO9 plan (pdf) for a general overview. Other documents of interest:

GSD prepared a set of IV&V test cases (12 Dec 08), which will become part of the official TO9 Test Plan (draft v0.3; 4 Nov 08 - .doc).

4. Task Order 10 (TO10)

TO10, including the bulk of the hydrology functions, was delivered to NWS 12 Feb 09, accompanied by the customary Management Outbrief [ppt].

Other meetings and documents include

5. Task Order 11 (TO11)

TO11, constituting the IOC for late-2010 field release, is being delivered in six "slices" beginning early April and ending late August 2009. Raytheon was to release a TO11 'road map' in March (12 Feb draft (.doc)).

NWS' general plan for TO11 testing (3 Jun draft; .doc) is augmented by a Master Deliverables Matrix (v7.2 24 Apr 10; 14 MB .xls) that includes details on what's been delivered in each slice and the test cases exercised.

Per-slice info:

  Slice 1
8 Apr
Slice 2
6 May
Slice 3
3 Jun
Slice 3.1
1 Jul
Slice 4/5
26 Aug
Slice 6
21 Oct
"Snap up"
9 Dec
Raytheon Outbrief  
IV&V Test Plan    
IV&V Report      

Raytheon delivered a DR update at the end of November 2009, DR3 on 8 Jan, DR4 on 29 Jan, DR5 on 15 Feb, DR6 1 Mar, FIT/DR7 on 3 Mar, and DR8 on the 15th. DR9 was delivered 5 Apr, with DR10 scheduled 19 Apr and DR11 (final TO11 delivery) due 3 May. Using DR3, NWS performed a System Integration Test (SIT) at NWSHQ between 11 and 20 Jan. They prepared a SIT report and a Missing Functionality Assessment.

OT&E is now likely to begin in July, with a System phase followed by a Field phase (probably starting early 2011).

6. Independent Validation and Verification of AWIPS II

GSD has generated a number of documents as part of the NWS's Independent Validation and Verification (IVandV) of AWIPS II. Two of them are:

See specific Task Order sections, above, for IV&V details. Additional information is also available from the NWS AWIPS II testing page.

7. How-To Documents

The following documents were provided by SEC for developing EDEX plug-ins, and building EDEX and CAVE.

General instructions for working and developing in the EDEX/CAVE environment in TO8.

8. Training Material

NWS is maintaining several Wiki pages to cover as-learned info on various AWIPS-II topics. The main pages are:

Some older stuff:

In preparation for TO8, the NWS asked the development organizations to begin training in the new architectural concepts and tools that are employed in AWIPS II. The following is a list of recommended courses.