ORPG 11 installation on dx5-alps

In August 2009, we installed ORPG Build 11 on dx5-alps, using the CODE tar files and instructions. As was the case for ORPG 10, this went smoothly.

ORPG11 runs under RHEL5, so this required an OS upgrade. We downloaded the CODE tarball on 24 Jun, but did not do the install until August, when dx5-alps was repaired. Here are the highlights.

  1. Mike made an /awips partition of sufficent size to hold everything, then we created /awips/fxa/orpg_build11/. To /awips/fxa, we copied in readenv, bin/postgresenv, etc. from cx-alps, and made a link /usr/bin/csh -> /bin/csh, to allow successful sudo fxa.
  2. Downloaded the tar file from http://www.weather.gov/code88d/code_b11.html to dx5-alps:/awips/fxa/orpg_build11/ and untarred it.
  3. Following the instructions posted at http://www.weather.gov/code88d/b11_code_instructions.html, we downloaded and installed five RPMs from the Web: giflib-devel, tcl-devel, tk-devel, gsl, and gsl-devel.
  4. Copied ifcfg-eth0 from cx-alps and edited for dx5.
  5. Installed the software per the CODE ORPG11 instructions, p. 4, except set $HOME to be /awips/fxa/orpg_build11/ before executing the install script. We chose the NWS configuration so task_tables was set up correctly.
  6. After running the install script, edited $HOME/.cshrc to set $HOME to /awips/fxa/orpg_build11.
  7. Built the system per p. 5, then copied in the six non-public executables (hiresvil, data_qual, hireseet, nexradMigfa, ntda_alg, and ntda_fp) from our ORPG11 install ("RPG LOAD MEDIA") CD.
  8. Tested per p. 6.
  9. Copied MIGFA config files from cx-alps:$HOME/cfg/migfa/params.
  10. Bunny installed a local copy of LDM (v6.6.5); we set up ldmd.conf and pqact.conf, modeled after those on cx-alps. Pointed /usr/local/ldm/data/ to /scratch/data/ldm/ and /usr/local/ldm/logs to /scratch/data/ldm/logs. And since ldm is owned by ldm:ldm, but we'll run it with user fxa, made /usr/local/ldm-6.6.5/ world writable so the lock file can be created.
  11. Copied in cx-alps:$HOME/site.
  12. Edited cfg/site_info.dea, comms_link.conf, and tcp.conf to mimic those on cx-alps.
  13. Because we start and stop LDM via our 'site' script, commented out the Initialize LDM lines in $HOME/cfg/task_tables.
  14. Edited orpg_env_cshrc to set LDMHOME to /usr/local/ldm.

General information on Build 11 is available from the ROC.

As suggested above, we bring in data using LDM; the data are preprocessed using read_ldm (started by the 'site' script). The radar of interest is set in the request line of /usr/local/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf. To connect to an ORPGCommsMgr, set that host's orpgDedicated to point to dx5-alps.

Our $HOME/site script takes as an argument the name of the requested radar, but we can make it look to our ingest like whatever we want by setting an appropriate link in $HOME/cfg/site_info.dea. We've done this for RSA, since kvbx data are not available via CRAFT/LDM.

Notes by Joe Wakefield, 18 Aug 09.